A time to reflect

One year ago, my husband and I briefly lived in our current house. We had given away most of our earthly possessions, moved from the Oslo area, and started a road trip through Norway as we figured out what was next for us. We spent a week in Folldal as Airbnb guests, enjoying the snowContinue reading “A time to reflect”

Some things I’ve learned

My everyday life was going to change this year. I knew that at the end of January. My family had already decided to move from the Oslo area. We didn’t know where we were going, so we decided to take some time off and travel around Norway. / Hverdagen min skulle endre seg i år.Continue reading “Some things I’ve learned”

On top of the world

Seeing the world through new eyes It finally happened: I travelled to Nepal with my husband. Our dear friend Rabi had invited us many times to his home country, but life somehow kept getting in the way. But this October, we finally found our way to the place with the highest mountains in the world.Continue reading “On top of the world”

Looking back / Ser tilbake

I recently read through my old blogs and thought about what’s changed in the last four years. That’s how long I’ve lived in Norway, and I’m still learning and laughing. / Jeg nylig leste gjennom de gamle bloggene og tenkte på alt som har endret seg de siste fire årene. Det er hvor lenge jegContinue reading “Looking back / Ser tilbake”

It’s summer, get outside!

Det er sommer, nyt livet utendørs My, how time flies Hmm, it was winter the last time I wrote… Since then, the days have grown much longer and already begin to grow shorter again. Trees have flowered (loads! – the worst pollen allergies I’ve experienced), family and friends have visited, and it’s soon time toContinue reading “It’s summer, get outside!”

Wishy-washy winter

You might not know it by looking out the window, but it hasn’t been a proper winter around here. There is a decent amount of snow on the ground, but our Norwegian winter adventures have been regularly interrupted by rain. Normally I’d have a pile of winter landscapes in my folder for the year, likeContinue reading “Wishy-washy winter”

A Different Pace

Approaching Rondvassbu hytte in Rondane National Park It’s been a very dry and sunny summer in Norway, which means a struggle for farmers but enjoyable outdoors adventures for the rest of us. The first weekend of summer mountain getaways began with torrential rain and ended with three days of practically perfect summer weather. This four-day tourContinue reading “A Different Pace”