Above the Earth

Mountains and reindeer and sun, oh my

Wow, it’s been a while. Here’s a long-overdue update.

August is a fine time for a holiday because you have the paths to yourself. Tromsø is a pretty city and the mountains around it are an excellent playground. TJ ran in the Tromsø Skyrace and we hiked together. Below: Our lunch companion on Kvaløy, Tromsø harbour, and the view from Tromsdalen.

All sorts of new things

Oh, I have a new logo. I’ve been sketching for a while and am finally happy with a design. I thought it was fitting when a friend asked me, ‘Did you create a Christmas motif?’ since I think everyday feels like Christmas around here. Not because you can find snow at any time of the year in Norway (although that does help) but because everyday is an adventure and I look forward to it. Tell me what you think about the new logo. I’m rolling it out on everything: Please inform me if the old logo is hanging about somewhere. I also did some upkeep on my the website so keep your eyes peeled for changes there.

I’m selling my art in new places: Threadless and Society6. Now you can purchase things like framed prints, pillows, and tote bags, and I can spend more time being an artist. I’ll load more images to the new venues as I clean up my website. Take a peek and spread the word!  These new sites allow me to sell more fun things while spending less time stressing about printing and shipping. The new one-stop-shops have different inventory and prices so check what’s available.

Wall calendars with pretty pictures are soon available for 2019. North Americans and Europeans can partake (week beginning on Sunday or Monday). I’ll print them from their respective continents when you order.

Published by Outspoken Images by Marie Warner Preston

Creating illustrations for sustainability, stewardship, and science communication.

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