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Outspoken Images specialises in simple illustrations:
We make complex ideas easy to understand.

Here’s how it works:

We’ll have an initial consultation, where you give me your ideas, hopes, and thoughts. I’ll do some research and give you an estimate. When we’re both happy with the scope of the project (timescale, price, expectations), we’ll sign a contract. One-half of the amount is due before designing begins. I usually provide two or three initial ideas and we’ll find one that works for you. I’ll keep you updated on the work as I go (preferably by email). One or two revisions are included, anything above this usually brings an additional fee. Once the design is finalised, the second payment is due. Upon receipt of payment, you’ll receive print- and digital-ready files. I retain rights to use the work in my portfolio.

International experience in science illustration
Science illustration, Norway

Marketing illustration, Norway

Smart Nærstrøm creates smart-energy industrial systems. Research scientists at Institutt for energiteknikk contracted me for an illustration that visualises how a system works. The illustration can be presented whole or as individual icons. It’s in active use throughout Norway: . Published December 2018


Marie laget illustrasjoner til vårt forskningsprosjekt “Smart Nærstrøm”. Hun laget en god og lettforståelig fremstilling av et komplekst prosjekt, og vi er svært fornøyd med hennes arbeid. Hun var også lydhør og enkel å samarbeide med gjennom hele prosessen.

Josefine Selj, Research Scientist
Institutt for energiteknikk (IFE)

Journal cover, Norway

Journal cover artwork, Norway

A group of research scientists working with batteries at Institutt for energiteknikk contracted me for cover artwork featuring Small angle neutron scattering (SANS).

Initial sketch to final digital design: 1 week
Approved by technical editing boards
Pencil sketches & Adobe Illustrator

Published May 2019


Marie was contracted by my employer on two separate graphic design projects, one large and one small, and I was one of the main contact points for the work. In both cases, she was everything one expected of a professional: timely, responsive, and delivered quality results consistently. Communication with a graphic designer is an important factor to a successful project, and she was both thorough and patient as we iterated through vision, sketch, design, and discussion. All in all, she is a capable and hard-working graphic designer who treats her projects with seriousness and enthusiasm.

Samson Lai, Scientist
Institute for Energy Technology (IFE)

Journal cover, UK

Journal cover artwork, England

The Laser Chemistry, Spectroscopy & Dynamics Group at University of Bristol contracted me for journal cover artwork. I created a pencil drawing to visualise the planes on which molecules move within the reaction. Digital molecule artwork was created by Thomas J. Preston. The final illustration was approved by technical editing boards and accepted as cover artwork.

Published 31 July 2014

A few design examples and pricing guidelines

Simple black & white logo or icon

Starting from €350 for a black & white logo or icon design,
similar to the Outspoken Images logo

Simple colour logo or icon

Starting from €500 for a colour logo or icon design,
similar to the Siri Ann Gabrielsen Fotografi logo

Complex colour logo with multiple parts

Starting from €750 for a colour logo or icon design with multiple parts,
similar to the FLOW logo (which includes the partner logos)

Journal cover artwork

Starting from €750 for scientific journal cover artwork,
similar to the ACS Applied Energy Materials journal cover artwork

Full page illustration

Starting from €1000 for a full-page or multi-part illustration,
similar to the Smart Nærstrøm full-page and multi-part illustration

Large portfolio of illustrations

Starting from €5000 for a complete visual theme,
similar to the myriad designs for the Solipoly EU science proposal.
This image is a small percent of the total images created.
Pay for it with money from your grant!

Prices above do not include VAT / MVA / tax

Let’s turn your brilliant ideas into something beautiful.