Who inspires you?

Brave ladies were born and led new adventures during this month in history. Here’s a brief introduction to two ladies who inspire me. Katherine (Coleman Goble) Johnson was born 26 August, 1918 in West Virginia, USA. She was a math whiz, instrumental in calculating orbital equations and mechanics for NationalContinue reading “Who inspires you?”

What IS sustainability?

I recently recorded an interview for The Master Pods. The sustainability podcast is hosted by Rachael Gradeen, Olivier Rostang, and Laura Meßner. Guests in their first season were fellow students in the Master’s Programme in Sustainable Development at Uppsala University / Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). The podcast isContinue reading “What IS sustainability?”


Thanks to my best editor and influencer, my curriculum vitae (CV) / résumé has completely changed in appearance. Instead of using words to describe my work history, I use images that show my skills and career path. My CV has morphed enough in the last two decades that IContinue reading “Metamorphosis”

A time to reflect

One year ago, my husband and I briefly lived in our current house. We had given away most of our earthly possessions, moved from the Oslo area, and started a road trip through Norway as we figured out what was next for us. We spent a week in FolldalContinue reading “A time to reflect”

The rising sun

The rhythm of life on a tilted, spherical planet swings once again toward longer days here in the northern hemisphere. The sun now rises high enough to cast long rays of light into my office. A bright winter day is a great reason for me to be thankful. TheContinue reading “The rising sun”

Growing with the times

I’ve been interested in photography ever since I was gifted a camera as a child. Back then, you used this thing called 35 mm photographic film. One had to be careful and keep the film away from sunlight. The film came in canisters that you loaded into your camera. YouContinue reading “Growing with the times”

Following my heart

Jake Parker started Inktober as a challenge to himself in 2009. Today the Inktober team creates a daily drawing prompt for the month of October and thousands of artists participate. I thought it was a cool concept, but I was a photographer, not an inking artist. I had talented friends whoContinue reading “Following my heart”

Creating joy

I enjoy learning from other creative people. The latest advice that I’m taking to heart: Create art that makes me happy. This has been a season of learning. I started a newsletter, added new external shops for merchandise, and finally took the leap into a new website. I’ve beenContinue reading “Creating joy”

On top of the world

Seeing the world through new eyes It finally happened: I travelled to Nepal with my husband. Our dear friend Rabi had invited us many times to his home country, but life somehow kept getting in the way. But this October, we finally found our way to the place withContinue reading “On top of the world”

Looking back / Ser tilbake

I recently read through my old blogs and thought about what’s changed in the last four years. That’s how long I’ve lived in Norway, and I’m still learning and laughing. / Jeg nylig leste gjennom de gamle bloggene og tenkte på alt som har endret seg de siste fireContinue reading “Looking back / Ser tilbake”

Wishy-washy winter

You might not know it by looking out the window, but it hasn’t been a proper winter around here. There is a decent amount of snow on the ground, but our Norwegian winter adventures have been regularly interrupted by rain. Normally I’d have a pile of winter landscapes inContinue reading “Wishy-washy winter”

A New World

I’m recently back from my first trip to a new part of the world – India. A friend invited us to his wedding in Kolkata, and we were very happy to accept. Kolkata (Calcutta) is a huge city. The metro population is the same as the entire nation ofContinue reading “A New World”

Winter Wonderland

The change from November to December was a big one this year because I swapped high summer for the first snow of the season. The bonus of visiting family in the southern hemisphere when you live in the northern one. The purpose of trading grey winter for sunny summerContinue reading “Winter Wonderland”

Above the Earth

Mountains and reindeer and sun, oh my Wow, it’s been a while. Here’s a long-overdue update. August is a fine time for a holiday because you have the paths to yourself. Tromsø is a pretty city and the mountains around it are an excellent playground. TJ ran in theContinue reading “Above the Earth”

A Different Pace

Approaching Rondvassbu hytte in Rondane National Park It’s been a very dry and sunny summer in Norway, which means a struggle for farmers but enjoyable outdoors adventures for the rest of us. The first weekend of summer mountain getaways began with torrential rain and ended with three days ofContinue reading “A Different Pace”

Sunny everywhere

Time to break out the sunscreen It’s Eastertime in southern Norway and winter’s coldness is giving way to spring sunshine.  The nights are still below freezing but the bright daytime sun is working hard. The snow on the side of the road may be grey and crusty but inContinue reading “Sunny everywhere”

Let It Snow!

Bambi: Hey mama, what’s all that white stuff?  Mama: It’s snow. Winter has come to the forest. When it really snows In our little town northeast of Oslo, we have 125-180 cm (50-70 inches) of snow (info courtesy of Skiforeningen). This is great news – I am a product of theContinue reading “Let It Snow!”

Next mountain kingdom

The world is a pretty big place, but I get pretty good opportunities to explore it.  I am blessed with a husband who likes to adventure, and we have friends and family who live in beautiful places.  The next stop on the adventure list is Lesotho.  For those ofContinue reading “Next mountain kingdom”

Wilderness hiking

Three-hundred and eighty-five kilometers over rivers and bogs and mountains, oh my. My intrepid husband and I hiked north through Norway from Ringebu toward Kristiansund for three weeks in July.  We slept in our trusty tent two weeks and overnighted in DNT cabins the other seven days, when weContinue reading “Wilderness hiking”


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