Wishy-washy winter

You may not know it by looking out the window, but it hasn’t been a proper winter around here. There is a decent amount of snow on the ground, but our Norwegian winter adventures have been regularly interrupted by rain.

Normally, I’d have a pile of winter landscapes in my year’s photography folder: Skiing, snowshoeing, snow-laden evergreens in the background. But it rained on Christmas and winter has been sidetracked by wet weather ever since then.

I am perfectly happy wandering around in snow. All. Day. Long. I think rain is great and should happen in good quantity. In spring. (I also think that I should be inside when it’s happening.) When it rains in winter, sidewalks become ice-skating rinks and I get frustrated even when wearing my spiky shoes (piggsko).

The silver lining: It hasn’t been all doom and gloom. There have been beautiful days with snow or sun, and I got out on my snowshoes. I’ve taken to wide open spaces—farm fields and golf courses.

I can go forever. I like snowshoeing because I have grip going up hills and don’t worry about killing myself on an impossibly steep and twisted downhill bit of ski trail. I can go off the beaten path, stop to notice little details. Wait, what was that bit of rusty metal I saw out of the corner of my eye… Who’s up for some target shooting here on the edges of suburbia? (Photo below: Skedsmokorset)

Top image: Skedsmokorset
Bottom image: Eltonåsen
©2019 Outspoken Images by Marie Warner Preston

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