The reasons I create artwork for science, sustainability, and stewardship ©2022 Outspoken Images by Marie Warner Preston

Outspoken Images creates illustrations for sustainable lifestyles. We collaborate with authors, teachers, and researchers to disseminate information. We think that creating sustainable societies and reaching the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are important endeavours. Outspoken Images by Marie Warner Preston is a registered enkeltpersonforetak (sole proprietorship) operating in Norway under organisation number NO 918360360 MVA.

What clients are saying:

Marie designed an image that elegantly summarized the most important outcomes of a complicated research project from my laboratory. The artwork made a visually striking journal cover which undoubtedly drew wider attention to my group’s research. We continue to include this image in conference presentations to attract further interest in our work.  I also now use it in my undergraduate teaching on reaction mechanisms because of its clarity. 

—Professor Andrew Orr-Ewing, FRS, University of Bristol, England

Black and white drawings (flower, bee, deer with trees, birds in flight, coral, turtle, whale) on green blue background  ©2021 Outspoken Images by Marie Warner Preston
Harmony ©2021 Outspoken Images by Marie Warner Preston

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