Outspoken Images creates illustrations for sustainable lifestyles. Our specialty is simple complexity, and we delight in creating whimsical drawings to tell your story. Marie, the resident artist, collaborates with authors, teachers, and researchers to share visual narratives about science, sustainability, and stewardship. Let’s work together to compose easily-understood images that explain your detailed stories.

Outspoken Images is a registered enkeltpersonforetak (sole proprietorship) operating in Norway under organisation number NO 918360360 (MVA).

Marie was contracted by my employer on two separate graphic design projects, one large and one small, and I was one of the main contact points for the work. In both cases, she was everything one expected of a professional: timely, responsive, and delivered quality results consistently.

Samson Lai, Research scientist. Institutt for energitekknik (IFE), Norway

Marie designed an image that elegantly summarized the most important outcomes of a complicated research project from my laboratory. The artwork made a visually striking journal cover which undoubtedly drew wider attention to my group’s research. We continue to include this image in conference presentations to attract further interest in our work. I also now use it in my undergraduate teaching on reaction mechanisms because of its clarity. 

Professor Andrew Orr-Ewing, FRS. University of Bristol, England

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