Physical Chemistry

Journal cover artwork. Commissioned by University of Bristol. ©2014 Outspoken Images by Marie Warner Preston

Marie designed an image that elegantly summarized the most important outcomes of a complicated research project from my laboratory.  The artwork made a visually striking journal cover which undoubtedly drew wider attention to my group’s research. We continue to include this image in conference presentations to attract further interest in our work.  I also now use it in my undergraduate teaching on reaction mechanisms because of its clarity. 

Professor Andrew Orr-Ewing FRS
University of Bristol
Bristol, England

Researchers in the Laser Chemistry, Spectroscopy & Dynamics Group at University of Bristol, England contracted me for an illustration. The artwork was commissioned as cover artwork for the Journal of Physical Chemistry A.

I created the pencil drawing visualising the planes on which molecules move within the reaction. Digital molecule artwork was created by Thomas J. Preston. The final illustration was approved by technical editing boards and accepted as cover artwork.

Published 31 July 2014
Pencil drawing digitised for publication