Through the trees

Summer changes to autumn in the northern hemisphere, with cool nights and colourful leaves. Outspoken Images is also in a season of transition. Mr. Outspoken Images said “yes” to a short-term work opportunity, so both he and I (Marie) have been in Spain for a month. Keep reading to view artwork inspired by new European landscapes and learn about otherContinue reading “Through the trees”

Each other’s

We are each other’s harvest: we are each other’s business:we are each other’s magnitude and bond.-Gwendolyn Brooks (Paul Robeson) Fostering education, creating opportunities, and sharing stories are big reasons why Outspoken Images exists. My illustrator community led me to The Bookmark Project, which supports education at Katiyo Primary School in Zimbabwe. I donated a bookmark, ThroughContinue reading “Each other’s”

Shifting perspectives

For several wintery months, the sun’s path remains hidden behind mountains. It now rises a little higher each day, creeping farther around craggy mountains and creating an ever-changing light show. This is a season when I savour the remaining winter days while anticipating spring. It’s a time of rising hope, a time to dream, and aContinue reading “Shifting perspectives”

Finding my way

There is much to celebrate as winter arrives here in Folldal: Cold, clear, star-lit nights. Shadows from the waxing moon and the silent flight of an owl overhead. Midday adventures in low-to-the-horizon sunshine and soft sounds of feet on snow. These are the environs that shape my artwork, the beauty of a planet that behoovesContinue reading “Finding my way”

Looking back

I read through old blogs and thought about what’s changed in the last four years—that’s how long I’ve lived in Norway. I’m still learning and laughing. Exploring. I like adventures. They can be an everyday event, like walking to work, or something life-changing, like moving to a new country. Either way, they make learning moreContinue reading “Looking back”

Wishy-washy winter

You may not know it by looking out the window, but it hasn’t been a proper winter around here. There is a decent amount of snow on the ground, but our Norwegian winter adventures have been regularly interrupted by rain. Normally, I’d have a pile of winter landscapes in my year’s photography folder: Skiing, snowshoeing,Continue reading “Wishy-washy winter”