Through the trees

Summer changes to autumn in the northern hemisphere, with cool nights and colourful leaves. Outspoken Images is also in a season of transition. Mr. Outspoken Images said “yes” to a short-term work opportunity, so both he and I (Marie) have been in Spain for a month. Keep reading to view artwork inspired by new European landscapes and learn about otherContinue reading “Through the trees”

Each other’s

We are each other’s harvest: we are each other’s business:we are each other’s magnitude and bond.-Gwendolyn Brooks (Paul Robeson) Fostering education, creating opportunities, and sharing stories are big reasons why Outspoken Images exists. My illustrator community led me to The Bookmark Project, which supports education at Katiyo Primary School in Zimbabwe. I donated a bookmark, ThroughContinue reading “Each other’s”

The little things

I joined Stefan Große Halbuer in his October daily drawing challenge Plastober. I decided to draw with pencil (and eraser) in a simple comic style in line drawings. I didn’t have a schedule, I simply grabbed a bit of sunshine when it appeared. I often sat at my desk and listened to a podcast. I typicallyContinue reading “The little things”

Fail better

I’m learning to experiment, both in artwork and in life. In my painting, I’m using colours to change the mood and feel of an illustration. I’m combining ink types to see what effects I can obtain. I’m trying ideas without tracking my time during my ventures into the unknown. When we are young, we callContinue reading “Fail better”

Following my heart

I thought October drawing challenges were cool concepts, but I was a photographer, not an inking artist. I had talented friends who engaged with it, but it wasn’t for me. Now it’s time to break out the pens. This is a great springboard for my shift from photographer to graphic designer. Having a daily promptContinue reading “Following my heart”