Finding my way

Find, a watercolour painting: White star constellation Ursa Major with moon sliver in blue sky above grey mountains. Moon reflected in blue water behind a green path on a green hill. ©2021 Outspoken Images by Marie Warner Preston
Find (Mykonos Blue) ©2021 Outspoken Images by Marie Warner Preston

There is much to celebrate as winter arrives here in Folldal: Cold, clear, star-lit nights. Shadows from the waxing moon and the silent flight of an owl overhead. Midday adventures in low-to-the-horizon sunshine and soft sounds of feet on snow.

These are the environs that shape my artwork, the beauty of a planet that behooves protection and preservation. It inspires my illustrations. It keeps me learning and growing, seeking and listening, travelling and experiencing. 

Sunshine is to be treasured in this season—soon the sun will not rise above the hills around my house. November has been a time of reflection as I embrace change in my life and on the planet. I’ve learned much in the last thirty-nine years, and I’m unlearning a few things too. It’s okay to change my mind, to realise that what I wanted twenty years ago may not be what I want now. I’m learning to make new connections by being my imperfect self.

I see my growth and progress as I mature as an artist and human being. I notice how my style changes (or stays the same) as I experiment with colour, lines, and words in new media. I find my way through imperfect systems to communities and relationships where I flourish. Some artwork I create is solely for me, but it sets in motion more beautiful creations and opens my brain to possibilities that wouldn’t have been birthed without them. (Sign up for my monthly newsletter to learn more about the creative processes behind Outspoken Images artwork.)

I am thankful for collaborations that appear on my doorstep and in my inbox as I embrace new communities and prepare for new adventures. I trust I’ll re-learn to look over the other shoulder before crossing the street. (Read more about that adventure in another recent blog post.)

I’m learning how to better use my skills for the better common good. Does your science, nature, or sustainability story need artwork? Let’s collaborate: Simple black and white line drawings, digital illustrations, watercolour paintings, mixed media. Get in touch to chat about options that work for you.

Support small business and preserve our planet: Shop for original artwork (ships from Norway) and printed merchandise (ships from USA, UK, or Denmark) on my website.

Limited-time offer: Stickers and art prints in my Teemill shop through November 2021.

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Creating illustrations for sustainability, stewardship, and science communication.

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