The times, they are a changin’

We got our first snow a few days after the autumnal equinox. Read about Sunset at Equinox. Folldal, Innlandet, Norway

Autumn colours are showing themselves here in mid-Norway. Night is slowly taking a larger share in a 24-hour cycle. The night-time low temperatures creep toward freezing. But the days still bring blue skies and swiftly moving clouds – the stuff of everyday adventures – and we’ve got sturdy boots and a cozy fireplace.

Making another move
TJ and I recently moved south from the little town of Kjerringøy, above the Arctic Circle, to a new little place called Folldal. It’s in Folla river valley on the doorstep to Rondane and Dovre national parks. We previously trekked and lived here, and the outdoor access and beauty drew us back. We once again packed our lives into our VW e-Golf and drove 1000 km south through Norway. This time we travelled on snow-free roads and a relaxed schedule. We overnighted in our tent and the cozy Snåsa Kroa, where we spent a night on our mad dash north toward Kjerringøy in March.

Enjoying where we live
Early in our married life, TJ and I decided to live where we can play outside. It’s been a deciding factor for us over the last decade. We’ve been blessed by our outdoor adventures and ability to travel freely in quiet landscapes. We can walk out our front door into the network of trekking paths leading to Rondane and Dovre national parks. We try to get outside each day, and the landscapes in our new backyard regularly make us stop and say ‘wow’. Each day brings new ways to learn, grow, and make a difference. Check out some of our everyday adventures through photos on Borrow Our Backyard.

Renewed after a night at Rondane River Lodge. Walking north from Enden toward Atnbru, Norway

By being ourselves
Our life is fairly simple. Our idea of a vacation/holiday is walking for many days with our home, food, and clothes on our back in a hiking pack/rucksack. It’s also nice to have the luxury of a home with running water, triple-paned windows, and a nice wood stove to which we can return. The ability to get outside helps us stay happy and healthy, and we do not take it for granted, especially during the current COVID pandemic. We took a 10-day tour through beautiful autumn colours early in September to explore our new neighbourhood trails. We can heartily recommend a stay at Rondane River Lodge (formerly Rondane Gjestegård) under the new ownership of Benjamin and Karin.

Making a difference
We want to give these abilities to others – a safe place to live, access to clean water and education. It’s the main reason for my switch from photography to graphic design. Both TJ and I are learning how our businesses can enable sustainable living around the world. We begin a new season of life, building new networks and finding new mentors, clients, and communities. It’s both scary and exciting. We trust in our abilities, instincts, and support networks. We’re excited to build bridges and engage our skills in the scientific community.

With graphic design
Protecting people and our planet are important to me, and I’m creating new artwork reflecting these interests. Find Bee friendly on organic cotton t-shirts, sweatshirts, and bags in my Change2Neutral collection. Merchandise is sustainably created with fair trade wages and a low carbon footprint. Your order is shipped in plastic-free recycled cardboard. Change2Neutral is based in Denmark and ships world-wide. Proceeds help fund Palawan Natural History Museum in Puerto Princesa, Philippines. I plan to move most of my designs to Change2Neutral as they add greeting cards and fine art prints.

And your support
I am trying new things, gaining insight and advice from fellow artists in my new field. Here’s my newest thing: Buy Me a Coffee. It’s a simple way to support my transition from photographer to graphic designer. For the price of a cup of coffee (or bag of coffee beans), you can keep me afloat while I build my new network and find clients. Money from Buy Me a Coffee helps fill up the piggy bank for my Adobe Creative Suite subscription and other recurring monthly costs.

Published by Outspoken Images by Marie Warner Preston

Creating illustrations for sustainability, stewardship, and science communication.

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