Crab and text: Drawing of «crawl» by Outspoken Images by Marie Warner Preston
ACS Physical Chemistry Au journal cover: Journal cover artwork featuring orange (upper) and blue (lower) potential energy surfaces, with the progress of an ion-molecule reaction shown using stick-and-ball drawings superimposed on the potential energy surfaces. ©2021 Marie Preston

We wanted a logo for the SUNPOINT project. Marie immediately understood what we wanted to convey about the project. The original ideas were further developed into a clean, stylish logo in a short time. Following feedback from the project partners, Marie incorporated all the wishes of the partners in addition to retaining the core of the original design. Throughout the process, Marie has been attentive, orderly, and skilled in her subject.

Heine Nygard Riise, Research Scientist; Institutt for energitekknik (IFE), Norway