Crab and text: Drawing of «crawl» by Outspoken Images by Marie Warner Preston
Crawl ©2020 Marie Preston

Crawl started as an ink drawing in October 2020. My goal for the month was to create one drawing a day based on a pre-ordained prompt. I wanted to draw the first idea that came to mind in a simple comic style.

This drawing sparked my Crawl Series: Simple line drawings of an object (noun) associated with an action word (verb), translated from English into other languages. I’m available for private commissions—get in touch for your own personalised drawing!

Would you like to translate from English to your language? Help me with a few new words: Dig, fish, fall, float, fly, fold, hide, protect, rise, roam, rocket, sleep, throw.

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Keep your eyes peeled for the next drawing in the series, Curl.

Shine, translated into various languages with pronunciation and origin, image of sun centre. ©2021 Outspoken Images by Marie Warner Preston
Shine ©2021 by Marie Preston
Coming soon: Curl

Custom Crawl series design
From 5000 NOK (approximately 500 EUR / 600 USD)

Framework for execution
Initial consultation | Contract agreement | 50% payment
Sketches delivered | Discussion | Revisions
Final payment | Art delivery | Follow-up

Working with Outspoken Images ©2021 Marie Preston