Jeff Rasley

Go to the Mountains. Inspired by Jeff Rasley. ©2020 Outspoken Images by Marie Warner Preston

I am honored and pleased you would like to use my words, Marie. I like it and think it is cool. (My wife agrees.)

Jeff Rasley, Author
Founder, Basa Village Foundation USA Inc.
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

I stared out the window into a snowstorm during April 2020. I’d recently moved north of the Arctic Circle to a small peninsula surrounded with mountains that fall straight into the sea. I was looking for a short quote to use for a new graphic design piece, something simple but true that spoke to how I was feeling.

I found these words and knew exactly what to do with them. They are Jeff’s answer to his publisher for why people (Jeff) go to the Himalayas to climb mountains. My husband and I trekked the Himalayas with Nepalese friends in 2019, and were awestruck by the rugged terrain and gentle people of Nepal. I highly recommend reading Jeff’s book that prompted the quote.

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