Original watercolour and ink illustration
240 gsm Aqua watercolour paper

Illustration size: A6 | 11 x 16 cm | 4.375 x 6.25 inch | Quarter page
Paper size: A5 | 15 x 21 cm | 5.875 x 8.25 inch | Half page

I took a daily stroll from the Artists in Residence apartment in Folldal, Norway during my stay. I tucked a pencil behind my ear and a small sticker in my wallet. I wandered as my feet took me, not planning along the way. I’d stop and make a quick pencil sketch and snap a photograph. Then I tucked my pencil back over my ear (and usually under my hat), stuck the sticker in my wallet, and kept strolling.

I like this ink drawing and created a watercolour painting. Some parts of it were created while I live-streamed on my Twitch channel from the artist apartment in the evenings.

Pencil sketch of path between trees, photographed from the drawing vantage point
Tomorrow: pencil sketch by Marie Preston
Ink drawing by Marie Preston: Coniferous forest with winding path
Tomorrow: ink sketch ©2022 MariePreston

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Tomorrow (watercolour painting)

Original watercolour illustration 11 x 16 cm | 4.375 x 6.25 inch | A6 | Quarter page

NOK 775.00