Tour for Two

Tour for Two ©2022 Marie Warner Preston / Outspoken Images

My husband and I enjoy long-distance journeys through the mountains and forests in Norway, carrying our food and house on our backs. This ink illustration is inspired by personal treks in Rondane and Dovre national parks near Folldal, Norway. Summer days here are long, nearly midnight sun, and the winter days are short. Every season looks different in our wonderland.

Sakura pigma micron ink pens on Hahnemühle paper
Digitised with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Purchase hand-drawn greeting cards from Hjertefryd, a local art shop in Folldal, Norway.
Purchase printed cards from my Threadless shop.

Commission your own black and white ink illustrations. Base prices:

1000 NOK / 100 EUR / 120 USD

Quarter page
1500 NOK / 150 EUR / 185 USD

Half page
2000 NOK / 200 EUR / 245 USD

Full page
3500 NOK / 350 EUR / 425 USD

Two-page spread

5000 NOK / 500 EUR / 600 USD

Front cover
7500 NOK / 750 EUR / 900 USD

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