Let It Snow!

Bambi: Hey mama, what’s all that white stuff?  Mama: It’s snow. Winter has come to the forest.

When it really snows

In our little town northeast of Oslo, we have 125-180 cm (50-70 inches) of snow (info courtesy of Skiforeningen). This is great news – I am a product of the northern hemisphere and believe that winter should be white and cold. It’s been the perfect winter to take up snowshoeing. Not many Norwegians do this – they would rather be out on their cross-country (langrenn) skis, but I really enjoy it.

My husband and I enjoy an active lifestyle and are earnestly learning the art of cross-country skiing in hilly Norway. He’s gotten pretty good at it and I am slowly catching up. We like to take a weekend ski together on Saturday, usually catching a bus to our starting point.  We don’t own a car (by choice) so public transport is essential to expanding our adventure radius.  On days when he wants to take a long-distance ski, I put on my snowshoes and get an equally good workout. It’s really indescribable to wander through the forest by yourself in winter.  The stillness is complete and the moose, mouse, and rabbit tracks create their own beauty. (Above: Snowshoeing in Romeriksåsene, Skedsmo, Akershus)

If you really want a winter skiing adventure, follow your intrepid husband while he tries out his new mountain cross-country skis (fjellski) and you are on your regular matchstick-thin skis. You will learn how much deep snow and steep hills it takes to completely frustrate you. And maybe you will relearn how much your can-do-everything husband loves you. (Above: Romeriksåsene, Gjerdrum)

Last weekend we joined some friends for a winter weekend at Fjeld Gård, Harestua.  It was a somewhat lazy weekend, waking up when we wanted, but also a great outdoor weekend.  The snow was in great condition – and that snowy climbing practice from the previous weekend came in handy. (Above: Skiing near Snellingen, Oslomarka, Romeriksåsene)

I also tried snowshoeing with poles. I’m not sure it made me any faster, but I would try it again. (Fjeld Gård, Harestua)

Want to see what winter is all about in Norway? AllTheRooms has some good ideas here

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2 thoughts on “Let It Snow!

  1. I am a product of the northern hemisphere, too. Living in West Texas, we get chilly (some here call it cold) and very little snow.
    Thanks for taking us along on your adventures, Momma


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