Seeking Snow

Ah, winter! Time to get out in the white wilderness and enjoy cold and snow. There’s just one problem: Not so much white stuff down here in the lowlands. But if you travel far enough in distance (or high enough in altitude) you can find enough snow to make it worth your while. And you can practice driving your rental car on the curvy, icy mountain roads – which can help you acquire your Norwegian driving license.  The reward is pretty winter sunsets in the mountains. Nord-Aurdal, Oppland, Norway

sunset, tree silhouettes, mountain

A lack of snow does make it easier to enjoy winter’s other activity – ice skating! Our local lake had pristine ice and we skipped work for a lunch date – the playground is better when you have it all to yourself.  Ice skating is like riding a bike – you just need a little practice. (Tærudtjern, Skedsmo, Norway)  In other fun news, my photo was featured in the New Year’s Eve edition of the Romerikes Blad.  Frost can look a lot like snow…  (Winter lights at Tæruddalen Skole, Skedsmokorset, Norway)

frozen lake, ice skating, fogevergreens, frost, white lights

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