Winter Sun and Skiing

It’s not very easy to photograph while cross-country skiing – I normally end up with very candid shots like below. I am not the most graceful of skiers on a good day and Norway is not a very flat country…  But on a good note, the days are slowly growing longer. The top photo (in the mountains near Tisleifjorden in Oppland, Norway) is at 15:30 and the bottom photo (farms north of Skedsmokorset, Akershus) is at 16:00.

On a personal note, we moved to a new rental house: Many thanks to all who have helped us create a home. We look forward to the blessings it will bring. (View from the new office)

ski, moon, winter

sun, sunset, norway, farm

sun, sunrise, winter, sky

Published by Outspoken Images by Marie Warner Preston

Creating illustrations for sustainability, stewardship, and science communication.

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