Season of Change

Autumn is my favourite season: Leaves are changing colour, farmers are harvesting the fruits of their labour, and it’s a fine time to wander around this lovely planet.  There isn’t much competition for trail space or cabin bunks and the weather can be beautifully sunny.  How about some adventuring in the Norwegian mountains with your best friend?  Just check out this sunset view from Børsteinen DNT cabin in Sirdal, Vest-Agder, Norway.

Sirdal, Vest-Agder, Norway

Autumn is a fickle season and the weather can change quickly, especially when hiking in the mountains.  Snow is a very pretty thing, but it creates tricky footwork when it melts and freezes on mountain paths and covers the markers to your trails.  Luckily, we were holed up in a cabin with food, fresh water, and Donald Duck comics (great Norwegian learning, by the way). Things learned on this three-week trip:  1) Find someone you like spending time with and find a way to make the most of every day, whatever the season.  2) Always have a backup plan to your backup plan. 3) Good footwear is worth it.  Here is our little home-away-from-home at Hovatn in Bykle, Aust-Agder, Norway.

Hovatn, Bykle, Aust-Agder

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