Sun through the fog

It’s that time of year when the word Påskestemning starts getting tossed around a lot. Translation: Easter feeling/mood. What it truly represents: The coming of spring.  It is best known as skiing in your t-shirt because it’s warm and sunny and winter is ending. This is most often experienced in the mountains at Eastertime (Påske) and involves a stay in a family cabin (hytte). You might have to take the good with the bad – a day of very foggy skiing before your day of glorious sun, but you might also be lucky enough to see one of my favourite machines – the snow machine that grooms the trails.  It’s a mean machine.  (Skeikampen, Gausdal, Norway)

skiing, snow, sun, mountains

fog, trees, snow, mountains, skiing sun, snow, machine, mountain

Published by Outspoken Images by Marie Warner Preston

Creating illustrations for sustainability, stewardship, and science communication.

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