Watercolour postcards: green frog and lilypads at pond, blue whale, forest scene with trees/mountains/hare
Original watercolour postcards. ©2021 Outspoken Images by Marie Warner Preston

I’ve taken up watercolour painting. There’s something joyful in blending physical pigment with a brush, and learning these techniques also helps me in my digital work. It helps me hone my visual storytelling skills. These abilities are important whether I am disseminating science research or creating a fantasy world based on the natural landscapes around me.

Our beautiful planet is the inspiration for my nearly all of artwork. In life and art, I try to use sustainable practices. Upcycling and using renewable materials is increasingly important in sharing my artwork.

These paintings are based on drawing prompts. The frog and lily pad scene is inspired by the #GreenGame from Friederike Ablang and Anna Süßbauer. The blue whale painting is inspired by #DrawTheOceans from Greenpeace. The forest scene comes from #springclock_ch by Katya Maush, Irina Drazhina, and Marina Halak.

Lyra watercolour pencil
Hahnemühle watercolour postcard
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Making-of video for my Maui Dolphin painting, inspired by #DrawTheOceans: