Watercolour postcards: green frog and lilypads at pond, blue whale, forest scene with trees/mountains/hare
Green Game, Humpback Whale, and May O’clock. ©2021 Outspoken Images by Marie Warner Preston

There’s something joyful in blending physical pigment with a paintbrush. Creating with watercolour helps hone my visual storytelling skills. These abilities are important whether I disseminate science research or create a whimsical world from the natural landscapes around me. Visit the Artwork page to view original paintings available for purchase.

Lyra watercolour pencil
Hahnemühle watercolour paper

Green Game is inspired by #WhiteCanvas21 from Friederike Ablang and Anna Süßbauer. Humpback whale is for #DrawTheOceans from Greenpeace. May o’clock is inspired by #springclock_ch by Katya Maush, Irina Drazhina, and Marina Halak.

Commission your own colour illustrations. Base prices:

1500 NOK / 150 EUR / 185 USD

Quarter page
2000 NOK / 200 EUR / 245 USD

Half page
3500 NOK / 350 EUR / 425 USD

Full page
5000 NOK / 500 EUR / 600 USD

Two-page spread
7500 NOK / 750 EUR / 900 USD

Front cover
10000 NOK / 1000 EUR / 1200 USD

Making-of video for the Maui Dolphin painting, inspired by #DrawTheOceans: