Blending physical pigment to tell stories of whimsical worlds or science research. Or both.

Watercolour painting: Yellow, green, and blue hot-air balloon in blue sky with yellow stars. Yellow sun rays over white and green mountains. Blue water reflecting sun and stars ©2022 Outspoken Images by Marie Warner Preston
Illustration. Black ink: snowy owl in flight, top left corner. Watercolour: Red sunset, purple mountains, green fir trees and lichen. ©2021 Outspoken Images by Marie Warner Preston
Watercolour painting: Night sky, mountains, water, coniferous trees. ©2022 Marie Preston / Outspoken Images
Watercolour painting: House, flower, moose, hare, human, and coniferous trees along path toward mountains. ©2022 Marie Warner Preston
Midnight Sun (watercolour painting) Yellow sun in white clouds above purple mountains with white peaks. Green trees, person on winding path, yellow and black bees above yellow & purple flowers ©2022 Marie Preston
Watercolour painting: bicycle with flower baskets near evergreen trees with bee, butterfly, bird, big yellow sun, and green mountain. Outspoken Image by Marie Warner Preston
Find, a watercolour painting: White star constellation Ursa Major with moon sliver in blue sky above grey mountains. Moon reflected in blue water behind a green path on a green hill. ©2021 Outspoken Images by Marie Warner Preston
Green Game, a watercolour painting. Green frog, lilypads, cat-tails, fir trees, dragonfly and hill against blue sky and water ©2021 Outspoken Images by Marie Warner Preston
Into the Sunset (watercolour and ink): Person on path, green trees and hills, blue/purple/grey mountains with white tops, pink and orange sunset with silver clouds/moon/stars ©2022 Marie Preston
Watercolour painting of sunflowers and bees: Yellow petals with brown seeds and green stems against purple and white mountains, blue sky, and green background ©2022 Marie Warner Preston / Outspoken Images
Watercolour painting of trees, mountain, snowshoe tracks, sun. Watercolour paint and pencils, paintbrushes ©2022 Marie Warner Preston / Outspoken Images
Orange clownfish (Amphiprion percula) ©2021 Outspoken Images by Marie Warner Preston
Strawberry Squid (Histioteuthis heteropsis) watercolour painting ©2021 Outspoken Images by Marie Warner Preston
Watercolour painting: Blue-footed Booby bird (Sula nebouxii) standing on rock. 10x15 cm Hahnemuehle paper ©2022 Outspoken Images by Marie Warner Preston
Orange Arrival: Watercolour painting. Orange and yellow hot-air balloon against yellow and orange sunrise above green hill ©2021 Outspoken Images by Marie Warner Preston
ACS Physical Chemistry Au journal cover: Journal cover artwork featuring orange (upper) and blue (lower) potential energy surfaces, with the progress of an ion-molecule reaction shown using stick-and-ball drawings superimposed on the potential energy surfaces. ©2021 Marie Preston

I cannot recommend Marie highly enough. Within a few days, and with only a general idea to work from, Marie created a number of sketches to illustrate her ideas for our cover artwork. All of her sketches were excellent; it was challenging choosing between them! We selected the sketch that best captured the concept we wanted to depict, and Marie then created a polished version based on our feedback. Marie discussed all elements of the artwork with us, to ensure that the scientific content was being accurately represented. She also (very quickly) made a number of small tweaks when we requested changes to the artwork. The cover artwork was finalised well within the agreed timeframe, and we are very happy with the final product. Marie was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with her again on future projects.

Dr. Brianna Heazlewood, Research Scientist, University of Liverpool, England

Commission your own colour illustrations. Base prices:

1500 NOK / 150 EUR / 185 USD

Quarter page
2000 NOK / 200 EUR / 245 USD

Half page
3500 NOK / 350 EUR / 425 USD

Full page
5000 NOK / 500 EUR / 600 USD

Two-page spread
7500 NOK / 750 EUR / 900 USD

Front cover
10000 NOK / 1000 EUR / 1200 USD