Original artwork

Serenity (watercolour & ink)
Watercolour painting of sunflowers and bees: Yellow petals with brown seeds and green stems against purple and white mountains, blue sky, and green background ©2022 Marie Warner Preston / Outspoken Images
Sunflowers (watercolour & ink)
Watercolour painting: House, flower, moose, hare, human, and coniferous trees along path toward mountains. ©2022 Marie Warner Preston
On a Journey (watercolour & ink)
Watercolour painting: Winding trail leading up from brown cabin through green conifer trees to blue mountains and pink sunset with white moon and star in sky ©2022 Marie Warner Preston / Outspoken Images
Through the Woods (watercolour & ink)
Into the Sunset (watercolour and ink): Person on path, green trees and hills, blue/purple/grey mountains with white tops, pink and orange sunset with silver clouds/moon/stars ©2022 Marie Preston
Into the Sunset (watercolour & ink)
Midnight Sun (watercolour painting) Yellow sun in white clouds above purple mountains with white peaks. Green trees, person on winding path, yellow and black bees above yellow & purple flowers ©2022 Marie Preston
Midnight Sun (watercolour & ink)
Watercolour painting: White and grey clouds in pink sunset sky. White and blue mountains above green tree-tops. ©2022 Marie Warner Preston / Outspoken Images
Pink sunset (watercolour)
orange path with person and trees heading into purple mountains in distance with blue sky and yellow sun ©2021 Marie Warner Preston / Outspoken Images
Adventures Ahead (watercolour & ink)
Pen sketches. Watercolour painting of trees, mountain, snowshoe tracks, sun. Watercolour paint and pencils, paintbrushes ©2022 Marie Warner Preston / Outspoken Images
Into the Night (watercolour)
Watercolour painting: Night sky, mountains, water, coniferous trees. ©2022 Marie Preston / Outspoken Images
Blue on Blue (watercolour & ink)
Watercolour painting: blue jellyfish on blue background ©2021 Marie Warner Preston
Jellyfish (watercolour)
Strawberry Squid (watercolour)