Original artwork

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Watercolour painting by Marie Preston titled Catch of the Day: White birch tree with yellow leaves; moon and sunset reflected in water; fish catching a fly; person fishing; green grass and hills
Catch of the Day (watercolour & ink)
Watercolour painting: House, flower, moose, hare, human, and coniferous trees along path toward mountains. ©2022 Marie Warner Preston
On a Journey (watercolour & ink)
Serenity (watercolour & ink)
Watercolour painting: Small green fir sapling with red shrub, leafless birch trees, person on path toward blue and grey mountains. Title: Around the Bend by Marie Preston
Around the Bend (watercolour & ink)
Watercolour painting: Flowers and vegetables in garden, tree trunk on right side, cathedral buildings behind trees in background ©2022 Marie Preston
Bountiful (watercolour)
Watercolour painting: Trees with leaves, stairs with grass and vines, two people behind hill, cathedral spires in background ©2022 Marie Preston
Sojourn (watercolour)
Watercolour painting of pink and yellow clouds at sunset over blue mountains and lake, with people walking on a path toward a cabin. ©2022 Marie Warner Preston / Outspoken Images
Summer Sunset (watercolour & ink)
Watercolour illustration: Green / black coniferous trees, fireflies, cabin and person on island, water, mountains, moon, and stars. ©2022 Marie Preston
Summer Lights (watercolour & ink)
Watercolour painting: Rainbow over mountains with tent, trees, and people in foreground ©2022 Marie Preston
Serendipity (watercolour & ink)
Watercolour painting by Marie Preston: Sunset with Matariki star constellation, moon, owl over mountains. flower, trees, cabin, bee, hare, moose, person on path.
Matariki (watercolour & ink)
Watercolour painting, titled Upon Reflection: Trees, rocks, and ferns along river; person on bridge above. ©2022 Marie Preston
Upon Reflection (watercolour)
Watercolour painting: Old barn amidst grass and trees. Snow-covered mountains in distance below clouds in a blue sky. ©2022 Marie Preston
Waits For No One (watercolour)
Table for Two; Ink drawing and watercolour painting. Two mice on a tree stump under a leaf while rain falls at night. ©2022 by Marie Preston / Outspoken Images.
Table for Two (watercolour & ink)
Watercolour painting: Night sky, mountains, water, coniferous trees. ©2022 Marie Preston / Outspoken Images
Blue on Blue (watercolour & ink)
Watercolour painting, titled Tomorrow: Brown path winding up through forest from grey rock, with young and old coniferous trees. ©2022 Marie Preston
Tomorrow (watercolour & ink)
Into the Sunset (watercolour and ink): Person on path, green trees and hills, blue/purple/grey mountains with white tops, pink and orange sunset with silver clouds/moon/stars ©2022 Marie Preston
Into the Sunset (watercolour & ink)
Watercolour painting: Apple trees along path with person walking and buildings in background. ©2022 Marie Preston
Between (watercolour)
Watercolour painting titled 'Here and Now': Ducks and geese swimming on blue pond, brown tree trunks with green leaves, person walking. ©2022 Marie E Preston
Here and Now (watercolour)