Ink drawings

two humans. ©2022 Marie Warner Preston / Outspoken Images
Tour for Two
Devoted Collective book illustrations: black ink drawing of grape vine with leaves, flowers, and goblet ©2021 Marie Preston
Devoted Collective book illustrations
Life in Norway: a pen illustration. Star, and moon above mountains and trees. Life in Norway ribbon and path leading to a cabin with chimney smoke ©2021 Marie Warner Preston
Life in Norway
Compilation of line drawings created with pen, based on Norwegian nature. ©2020 Outspoken Images by Marie Warner Preston
Daily ink drawings

Whether I create whimsical landscapes or disseminate information, my ink illustrations focus on simple complexity. I use Sakura pigma micron ink pens on Hahnemühle paper.

Commission your own black and white illustrations. Base prices:

1000 NOK / 100 EUR / 120 USD

Quarter page
1500 NOK / 150 EUR / 185 USD

Half page
2000 NOK / 200 EUR / 245 USD

Full page
3500 NOK / 350 EUR / 425 USD

Two-page spread

5000 NOK / 500 EUR / 600 USD

Front cover
7500 NOK / 750 EUR / 900 USD

Framework for execution
Initial consultation | Contract agreement | 50% payment
Sketches delivered | Discussion | Revisions
Final payment | Art delivery | Follow-up

©2021 Outspoken Images by Marie Warner Preston

Unsure? Contact Marie to discuss options and bring your ideas to fruition.