Here and Now

Watercolour painting titled 'Here and Now': Ducks and geese swimming on blue pond, brown tree trunks with green leaves, person walking. ©2022 Marie E Preston
Here and Now (watercolour) ©2022 Marie Preston

Original watercolour illustration
240 gsm Aqua watercolour paper

Illustration size: A6 | 11 x 16 cm | 4.375 x 6.25 inch | Quarter page
Paper size: A5 | 15 x 21 cm | 5.875 x 8.25 inch | Half page

I wandered the park on the north campus of Universidade de Santiago De Compostela and finally decided to sit on the grass near a busy intersection. It was good practice for (potentially) being watched while sketching, and it was the setting that truly inspired me. The composition was a great choice for the combined colour prompt Deep Mahogany + Diabolo Menthe for Colour_Collective (find the weekly prompts on Twitter).

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Here and Now (watercolour painting)

Original watercolour illustration 11 x 16 cm | 4.375 x 6.25 inch | A6 | Quarter page

NOK 775.00