I started with greeting cards, and I’m slowly adding other merchandise. I set my own commission and receive a monthly payment if I reach the threshold.

Zazzle is based in the USA and ships worldwide.

My Inktober-inspired drawings are slowly getting uploaded, and I hope to have them all up in the next few months.

Here are fairtrade organic cotton t-shirts, sweatshirts, and tote bags. They are shipped plastic-free and created with a low carbon footprint. I receive a flat fee for each sale.

Proceeds help fund Palawan Natural History Museum in Puerto Princesa, Philippines.

Change2Neutral is based in Denmark and ships worldwide.

Order from my sites on Zazzle and Change2Neutral. They print and ship my merchandise.

You receive a professionally printed product, I receive a commission for the product you purchased.

This reduces my stress and gives me time to create quality artwork, both for sale and for clients.

Things that are important to me:

My artwork remains my copyright.

If you ever see my artwork for sale somewhere that isn’t Zazzle or Change2Neutral, please tell me. (I do also have a few things on Redbubble and Threadless that I don’t promote.)

I want to sell quality merchandise that lives up to my standards for printing and customer service. Since the primary method for my sales is promoting my own artwork, I’ve chosen printers I trust to fulfill my orders.

I also wish to be kind to the planet. Printing on demand saves resources while still giving the options that I’d like in merchandise.

I am pleased with the efforts of Zazzle and Change2Neutral in these regards.

Purchase my remaining photographs here. Most are originals that I printed in the darkroom. Read more about that process in Growing with the times.

Or read The Rising Sun to learn why a graphic designer is selling photographs. I do plan to add original drawings to my Etsy site – what would you like to purchase?

I’m also curator for Borrow Our Backyard, a joint project with Soldrevet Chemistry.

Download and purchase outdoor photography from our backyard in the mountains and forests of Norway.